The Baboon Paw
Season 4, Episode 11
Air date March 19, 1999
Written by David Feiss
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The Baboon's Paw is the 10th episode from season 4.



In a parody of The Monkey's Paw while they are in China Town (a small town in California), Weasel and Baboon are watching a Chinese parade and a fake dragon (holding by Chinese-Americans) scared Baboon, running away like a little kid and hiding in a big fish. Weasel found Baboon and helping him to overcome his fear. People spotted Weasel and came toward him for his autograph. While Weasel is giving his fans his autograph, an elderly salesman spotted Baboon (noticing that Baboon wanted to be notice) and offering him a magical wishing money paw key chain.

After Weasel finish giving out autographs, he went to Baboon and wondering what he was buying. When Baboon told him about the monkey paw key chain, Weasel reminded Baboon that he already has built in Monkey paws. Baboon looked at his paws and started to make a wish. Weasel thought that was nonsense. When he made a wish his finger curled up, and a little girl ran toward Baboon and asked for his autograph, then he gave her what he wished for.

Next, he wished for a gazillion dollars, causing Weasel to laugh and say Baboon would be sorry if that came true since a gazillion dollars is enough money to cover the planet. Just then a wave of dollar bills flooded the entire town. Weasel now notices that his friend's paws really were magic. Weasel urged to Baboon to take back his last wish. Instead, Baboon wished to be tall and handsome, and he turned out "too handsome". Then he wished back to his old, ugly self (and asked for a smaller butt). Weasel tries to get him to wish wisely, but Baboon wish for a coyote (and cheese) sandwich, but it appears to be an alive coyote and tackled Weasel. Then the ignorant Baboon wished to be king. Weasel had enough. He urged Baboon to stop wishing, then accidentally, Weasel wished for Baboon to shut up. After that wish, the coyote ate both Weasel and Baboon. Inside the coyote's stomach, Weasel wished that Baboon was never his sidekick. After that wish, Weasel appeared as a cop and have a paper sack as his sidekick. Weasel somewhat wished for this episode to end.