My Blue Hiney
Season 5, Episode 14
Air date August 19, 1999
Written by David Feiss

Michael Ryan

Directed by David Feiss
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My Blue Hiney is the 14th episode of season 5.


  • Weasel
  • Baboon
  • Red Guy (as Colonel Hiney Bottom)
  • Jolly Roger
  • Waitress
  • Weasel's foster father
  • Mule and Badger
  • Franklin Roosevelt (cameo)
  • Winston Churchill (cameo)


The episode begins as the voice of a narrator tells a story about Weasel becoming a country singer and Baboon becoming his comedian sidekick. Weasel was born as the son of a poor chair-cropper living in a mobile home in Alabama, and Baboon was adopted by a pair of tambourine performers, a badger and mule, who were formerly owned by Colonel Hiney Bottom (the Red Guy). During the period of time, the young Weasel simply learns to play the guitar, while Hiney Bottom's badger and mule acts decline when two mules land on Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill by mistake.

A desperate Hiney Bottom hears Weasel performing on the streets and sees Baboon tapping a stick on the curb and develops an idea for the opening act. During the opening act, Baboon tells a joke that is beyond funny (people started booing at him). After Baboon's fails to entertain the audience, Weasel steps in and sings his signature song "My Blue Hiney", thus winning the crowd's approval.

Weasel and Baboon become a big sensation nationwide, until the pair's downfall when Weasel is angered that the restaurant they are attending are fresh out of eggs and causes a riot. The police arrests both Weasel and Baboon and puts them in a Correctional Worm Farm. Meanwhile, Weasel's song "My Blue Hiney" becomes a No. 1 hit in Uganda, and Hiney Bottom becomes rich. Weasel and Baboon are kicked out of the Worm Farm, because Baboon had eaten the worms. The two friends arrive at Hiney Bottom's mansion and discover that Hiney Bottom is a thief. Weasel is able to make his way to the pocket of his manager's pair of jeans and grabs a $1 million dollar bill. Hiney Bottom gets arrested and is placed in the Worm Farm, digging up worms to teach them to play the tambourine. As for Weasel and Baboon, they get their life of fame back in Las Vegas and live happily ever after.

At the end, the story is revealed as a lie by Jolly Roger, just as Weasel and Baboon catch Roger in the act. Weasel tells the viewers to forget about watching this episode.

Trivia Edit

The episode is a satire on country music and its origins in the 1920's (except that this episode takes place in 1940's):

  • Weasel's childhood mobile home in Alabama is a play on Mobile, Alabama.
  • Weasel's country music profession and fame is based on those of Johnny Cash, Gene Autry, and other famous country singers.

The names Badger and Mule are a pair of slang terms for the privates of the physical human body's anatomy;

  • Badger means a woman's genitals, while Mule means a man's genitals.