Leave It to Weasel
Season 5, Episode 4
Air date July 29, 1999
Written by Maxwell Atoms
Directed by David Feiss
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"Leave It to Weasel" is the 4th episode from season 5.




On a bright, snowy morning, two parents, Clarabelle and Eugene Pruce, wave good-bye to their children, Priscilla and Percy, as they leave for camp. After the children leave, Clarabelle cries heavily as she misses her children. During supper time, Clarabelle is still crying, prompting Eugene to call for replacement children. A minute later, Weasel and Baboon, the replacement children, arrive. Upon noticing Clarabelle's breakdown, Weasel and Baboon quickly dress up like their children. Clarabelle stops crying and smile as she sees her children-replacements.


The daughter-replacement (Weasel) becomes jealous towards the son-replacement (Baboon).

The mother prepares brain loaf for supper, but the daughter-replacement (Weasel) refuses to eat such. However, the daughter-replacement gets grounded for describing the son-replacement (Baboon) as an idiot and refusing to eat brain loaf.

Later, the family is playing out in the snow. The daughter-replacement shows the father her ice sculpture of Michaelangelo's David, but the father is somewhat not impressed and turned to the son-replacement's snowman, instead.

Next, the family sits down for TV time and the daughter-replacement was watching an educational program, but the father changes the channel to a cop show. The daughter-replacement complained about their choice of programming but is sent to her room. The son-replacement is somewhat enjoying it.

Meanwhile, at bedtime, Clarabelle wishes the son-replacement and daughter-replacement goodnight. The parents leave, and the daughter-replacement feels like she was left out. The daughter-replacement now becomes jealous and takes it out on the son-replacement. The children-replacements begin fighting, as the father comes to their room, ordering the daughter-replacement to lay off her brother. As the father left, the son-replacement grabs a pillow and hits his sister with it, but instead, he hits a teddy bear. The daughter-replacement catches her brother in the act and calls her dad to the bedroom. The father comes to the room and again tells his daughter-replacement to leave her brother alone, thinking that she has started it.

Moments later, the real children return from the camp, due to the camp being burnt down. Weasel and Baboon leave for their next assignment in Finland. The real daughter tells her dad that she and her brother are his real children, but the father thinks that Weasel and Baboon, the former children-replacements, are still his kids and starts to cry.