I Stand Corrected is the third episode of the third season of I Am Weasel. In this episode, Weasel and I.R. are sent to spend 99 years in a prison in Kentucky, where Weasel is concerned about the correctional devices being used on the inmates.

I Stand Corrected
Season 3, Episode 3
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Air date August 7, 1998
Written by David Feiss

Michael Ryan

Directed by David Feiss
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I Am Weasel - S3E03 - I Stand Corrected

I Am Weasel - S3E03 - I Stand Corrected


  • A snapshot of Loulabelle is briefly seen on the jail cell's wall during the part where Weasel was looking for his cell mate, Baboon. It is possible that the snapshot might have been a reminder of the character was cut from the show for being a blonde stereotype. Yet, she grew to know Baboon in two notable episodes, I.R. Ice Fisher and Time Weasel.

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