I.R. Mommy
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date January 13, 1998
Written by Richard Pursel
Directed by David Feiss
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I.R. Mommy is the first episode of season 2.



Baboon adopts an abandoned toddler. A pantsless lady (the Red Guy) accuses Baboon of abusing him by calling Weasel on the phone, then Weasel stopped by Baboon's trailer and trains Baboon to be a good parent. Later, Weasel finds out the Baboon is a good parent and Weasel cries with happiness. At the end, the toddler grew up and danced with an old lady during Weasel singing a campfire song.


  • This is first I Am Weasel appearance of the Red Guy.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Admiral Bullets wears and uses diapers.


There was a case of censorship in the episode "I.R. Mommy", in which the letter "N", present on an American football helmet used by I.R. Baboon (a reference to the Nebraska Cornhuskers), had to be digitally removed after Cartoon Network was sued by the University of Nebraska, who alleged the reference was derogatory for their institution. To date, this is the only I Am Weasel episode to earn censorship. Notably in overseas, such as United Kingdom, the "N" remains intact.