I Are Ice Fisher
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date March 10, 1998
Written by Richard Pursel
Directed by David Feiss
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I Are Ice Fisher is the 9th episode of season 2. It aired on March 10th, 1998.



Weasel and Loulabelle are taking a ride on the President's (the Red Guy) private jet to Saskatchewan, Canada to spend their vacation. Weasel is conversing with the President about negotiating with the state of Kansas. Soon, the pilot announces that they have reached Saskatchewan, to which Weasel and Loulabelle jump off (minus a parachute) and land by Weasel's Canadian cabin on a frozen lake where he owns, now sharing it with Loulabelle. Weasel allows Loulabelle to make herself comfortable, just as she passionately informs Weasel that she's hungry. In order to fulfill her requests, Weasel goes ice fishing. His neighbor, Baboon, is ice fishing as well with an ice cube on a hook (a brief shot of 12 years later shows Baboon having rotted away while ice fishing).

Back in the cabin, Weasel feeds Loulabelle some fish. However, before he gives his guest some canned food, Weasel realizes that he has forgotten to bring his can opener and goes to Baboon's trailer to borrow a can opener from him. Weasel becomes fascinated when Baboon mentions about being a native, to which Weasel decides to teach him how to ice fish. Weasel catches a few things: A small fish, a huge penguin, and an overweight Viking lady. Baboon is smitten and wants to keep the Viking lady until the ice breaks through. To his surprise, Weasel reels in Loulabelle (it is unknown how she got in the lake), just as he and Baboon fight over her, with Weasel claiming that she is his responsibility. Unfortunately, Loulabelle (thinking that Baboon saved her life) decides to stay with him. Weasel, knowing he cannot spoil her happiness, leaves Loulabelle and Baboon in peace and leaves Saskatchewan. Just then, he meets a polar bear and hops on her back to travel to Montreal, Quebec, Canada instead.

Weasel narrates Loulabelle's relationship with Baboon while ice fishing and shows years later that Baboon and Weasel's former guest both passed away.


  • This is the first episode Loulabelle's bang are mirrored, the second being Time Weasel.
  • This is the only episode Loulabelle gained more with her appearance.

Goofs Edit

  • In reality, Montreal is located in Quebec, Canada, 1,956.1 miles east of Saskatchewan. So, it is possible that Weasel was going west toward Alberta instead.
I Am Weasel - S2E09 - I.R

I Am Weasel - S2E09 - I.R. Ice Fisher