• Beverlyjones

    The Ghost Father

    March 20, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    It was a typical day in Cinder-Weasel’s house. Cinder-Weasel was slaving away for his evil stepbrother and stepfather. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a female voice coming from outside talking about a ball. It was Princess Charming Fortuna.

    “Come on down to it, if you’re man enough!” She was shouting.

    Cinder-Weasel was soon daydreaming about dancing with the Fortuna Princess at the ball. Suddenly, his stepbrother, Baboon, came in, threw stuff on the floor and said Cinder-Weasel can only go to the ball if he picks them up. Luckily, he calls upon birds to clean it up with him, but Baboon still says no. When he and the stepfather go, Cinder-Weasel goes and cries next to the tree he had planted next to his father’s grave.

    “Little tree, little tr…

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  • Itsme226


    January 6, 2013 by Itsme226

    Okay Fellow Cartoon Network Fans,

    There's an upcoming Cartoon Network show called Grojband planned to air TBA 2013. The show is about a 13 year old boy named Corey Riffen who starts his own band in his garage. It is created by Mark Thornton and David Kauffman who are from the Total Drama Franchise. There's a wiki for it called Grojband Show Wiki. Please DO NOT go to because no one knows who the founder is and it has nothing on it at all. I ask you today if you could at least join the Grojband Show Wiki Community or acknowledge the topic in a chatroom conversation. Because we need all the help we can get.

    The name is Grojband Show Wiki. 

    You can visit at


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