Admiral Bullets

Diapered Admiral

Admiral Bullets in a diaper

Admiral Bullets was a Naval officer who relies on Weasel's help. He made appearances only in the episodes This Bridge, Not Weasel Bridge, I.R. on Sun, I.R. Mommy, and He Said, He Said from seasons 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

Voiced by: Jess Harnell (in season 1), Michael Gough (in seasons 2 and 3).

In the episode I.R. Mommy it is revealed that Admiral Bullets wears diapers, possibly due to his old age. Weasel who was working as a nanny at the time ended up helping him change his diaper. And given the fact that when one of the baby presidents had a dirty diaper and he didn't know what to do its highly likely he doesn't know how to change a diaper and thus requires someone else to do it for him.

Quotes Edit

Admiral Bullets: Hey Head Nanny Weasel. What do I do? The future seventy-third president is starting to draw flies.

I.M. Weasel: I'll just change his diaper Admiral Bullets.

Admiral Bullets: Like you changed mine. Good idea!

Trivia Edit

  • Admiral Bullets wears a diaper underneath his uniform.
  • Admiral Bullets appears as a Caucasian in his first two appearances, then changed to Native American in his final appearance.
    • Notably that all his appearances in the episodes are shorter compared to Jolly Roger and the equally-fated nurse, Loulabelle